Designed for you.

Our window systems are the result of decade-long research and development: we produce brand and country-specific profile systems, with several thousand individual profiles.

Choose from a broad range of colours and decorative laminate, use the advantages of our special systems, for example in combination with aluminum. We also set standards in the area of window ventilation systems.

Optimal protection for your property: with our sophisticated systems technology, we fulfill the highest quality and safety standards for residential doors.


Our profiles systems have a deep construction depth along with modern multi-chamber technology and large steel reinforcements. This ensures lastingly reliable function, maximum stability and effective resistance. In addition, the generously dimensioned rebate in the sash permits the use of security glazings. You can also upgrade your window security with special fittings, security glazing and lockable handles.


Especially in the city, we are often exposed to noise pollution caused by crowded streets, railways or airports.

When selecting the right windows, not only is the choice of glazing important for sound reduction, but also the profile quality. The structure of the profile and the number of profile chambers and sealing levels are essential for effective sound reduction. The window frame and glazing have a reciprocal effect on each other, as the noise protection properties of the entire window finally depend on the way these two units interact. Correct installation by a professional installation company plays a decisive role in this.

Our quality window systems offer effective noise protection solutions. The innovative profile designs with multi-chamber technology and up to three sealing levels help improve the window’s sound reduction properties and increase the comfort of your home. Depending on the noise intensity, windows can also be equipped with sound-insulating glazing.


Modern quality window systems provide comfort and warmth for every season thanks to their effective thermal insulation. Technically sophisticated designs prevent excessive heat from entering through the window during the summer. Together with the right glazing, the intensive sunlight is simply reflected and absorbed.

Our profile systems are standard-designed for extremely high strain. This makes them especially resistant year-round to external influences like sun, rain, wind or snow and gives them a particularly high level of mechanical strength. As a rule: The lower the window’s U-value, the less heat is lost to the outside and the more heating costs are saved.


With modern multi-chamber technology and efficient seal systems, our window systems permanently withstand extreme weather conditions.

Not only that, our profiles are also effective in lowering heating costs. Not only is less energy lost, but pollutant emissions are reduced considerably.